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All New To Me,


Good Morning to all,and Happy 4th of July! I think my first blog should be about a situation I am currently finding myself in,Just recently I have become involved with a man that is of another race(I am white and he is Black),I have never dated outside my race before,but something about this man made me want to give it a try.My dilemma is this ,I have become infatuatued with this man,when we are together I am comfortable(which I was'nt sure I would be),I enjoy his company alot,he makes me laugh all the time.He just seems to be a wonderful man,However,We only see each other about once a week due to the fact we live 20 miles apart and we both work full time,but because we are only together once a week I feel like we should be talking on the phone more,or texting,some form of communication should be happening,but it does'nt.Sometimes when I text him it could be hours before he replies,and my womanly instinct in me is saying that "he's just not that into me",but the times we are together he surprises me with remarks like,"I want you to be mine",and other remarks similar.I have been "played " by a man before,and although this seems to be that kind of thing going on ,I really dont believe that is the case at all.I dont know how I'm going to handle this situation.......


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