Ladies, Get a Date to Share Fireworks This Weekend


Ladies, Get a Date to Share Fireworks This Weekend

3. Say Something.  Ever been sitting at the bar next to a cutie or standing next to him on the dance floor and in your mind you are secretly waiting and hoping that he will say something, anything to you, but he doesn't and before you know it he's vanished or you walked off because you're thoughts were so loud you swore he heard them?  Don't have this happen to you this weekend or ever again!! Men love it when a woman starts the conversation because it eases the pressure.  So next time you find yourself in this position, don't wait on him.  You say something.  Start a conversation with him.  Use the environment to your advantage.  Talk about whatever is going on.  If he has a drink in hand, ask him what he's drinking and how is it.  Ask him about whatever song is playing like who's the artist.  Another good one is to simply ask if he's having a good time or if he comes to the place often.  This will definitely get the "ball" of conversation rolling!! 

4. Flirt Flirt and More Flirt... As the heat rises, the drinks pour, and the laughter erupts, the atmosphere this weekend is designed for flirting!  Besides being just fun to do, flirting is the easiest way to get a cutie's attention. A simple smile, longer eye contact, and/or a subtle wave will do the trick.  Men are just as afraid of approaching as we are to be approached, so flirting gives them the "green light" to head in your direction. Can't seem to catch his eye through the crowded club?  I'll share a secret with you.  Take the "scenic route" to the bathroom in which you must walk pass him.  As you do so, take your hand and gently rub it across his lower chest/stomach area as though you need to get by.  As you're stroking him, make eye contact, smile and give a little wink as you walk on. I guarantee he's either going to stop you in your tracks or he'll be standing in the exact spot hoping you take the same route back!!



With these tips, I am sure you will have no problem getting a date to "shoot the stars" with!!! Enjoy your weekend. 

Until Next Time, 


Dating and Relationship Coach 

P.S.  Can't wait to hear about all of the new guys you met. Email me and let me know how it goes!!

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