Ladies, Get a Date to Share Fireworks This Weekend


Ladies, Get a Date to Share Fireworks This Weekend

It's Fourth of July weekend, one of my favorite summer
holidays, and it’s time to celebrate, mingle, party, and flirt!!  There will be plenty of single men out and
about, so I wanted to share some quick tips to help make sure your weekend will
be filled with "sparks and fireworks"!!



1.  Mr. Right Won't Come Knocking.  As my mother says, "Unless you want to marry the UPS man, Mr. Right is not going to just appear at your door!"  You must get off the couch and leave the house and this is the perfect weekend to do so. From family fun in the park to cookouts and parties-everything under the sun will be going on.  No matter what scene you choose, I am sure there will also be many cool, single, "fine for the summer time" looking guys in attendance just waiting for you to share a spark with!! 

2. Leave the Cold Face at Home in the Freezer!! Ladies the number one reason single men have given me as to why they don't approach women is because of the cold expressions on their face.  After picking the right dress and getting your hair and nails done, why oh why would you mess your look up by "mean mugging"??  You may think you have your Diva face on, but men read it as she's angry, still hurt from the last man, or simply has a bad attitude.  Who wants to talk to all of that??  So Ladies as you step out this weekend remember to leave your frustrations at home and as the old song says "Put on a Happy Face".

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