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Ben Affleck & Jen Garner Celebrate 5th Anniversary


The parents' of Violet and Seraphina dined at a beach-side restaurant to mark the occasion.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have been married for 5 years, which, in Hollywood years, is like a golden anniversary. To celebrate, the happy couple headed out for a romantic Italian dinner alone at a Venice Beach, Calif, restaurant this week, reports

The two first met on the set of the 2003 action flick, Daredevil, and wed two years later in a private ceremony on a Caribbean beach. Soon after, 4-year-old Violet Affleck was born, followed by her sister Seraphina in 2009.

Most recently, there have been reports that Jennifer may be pregnant with baby #3 (perhaps, she and Ben are trying for a boy?) but that is something that, for now, her reps are denying. Jennifer Garner On Divorce, Romance & Ben Affleck

Our congrats to Ben & Jen for having one of the most stable marriages in show business!


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