Can Cohabitation Be Too Close For Comfort?


man carrying cardboard box moving in
For some couples, moving in together only makes them want to move out again.

So, here we are then: a brand-new apartment—one with central air, walk-in closets, a dishwasher, a washer and dryer, and a balcony that overlooks a field of trees—and more than one important lesson learned. In addition to the crying trick, I also realized—or, I suppose re-realized—just how important it is to compromise in a relationship. This whole move has been a series of compromising and I was reminded over and over and over that you have to bend and stretch a little if you want the other person to meet you in the middle. In the end we went with a shade of green that was exactly in between what we both had wanted. I wasn't surprised when we painted it on the kitchen walls and realized it was the perfect color after all. The Frisky: 8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Move For Love

Written by by Wendy Atterberry for The Frisky.

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