5 Love Lessons From The Office's Michael Scott


Michael Scott
Michael Scott has much Office wisdom to impart on love, dating and awkward moments.

4. Make sure you're on the same page. We were heartbroken when Holly was transferred to a remote branch, and she and Michael opted not to pursue a long-distance relationship. But, as we all had to accept, Michael had to move on. And so, for a time, he dated Helene, Pam's mother. And then he broke up with her upon finding out she was older than him, and that she wasn't interested in being part of an active, travel-happy couple. Use that time when you're still just dating to learn all there is to learn about your partner. Primarily, make sure you're on the same page about the big stuff: religious faith, where to live, whether or not to have kids... You don't want to discover your massive differences after you tie the knot. 9 Secrets A Healthy Couple Shouldn't Keep

5. Don't be the other (wo)man. Most recently, Michael dated Donna, the manager of a local bar. Eventually, he found out she was married. Still, he continued the relationship, until his employees shamed him out of it. And for good reason. While infidelity is an issue that can be worked past, and perhaps even forgiven, in a mature, healthy relationship (everybody makes mistakes!), the married person's issues with commitment do not reflect well on their character, and your willingness to be an accomplice to an act that hurts someone else so deeply reflects poorly on yours. Hold out for someone who's willing to be with you... and only you. 5 Rules For Being The Other Woman

Did we miss anything? What has Michael Scott taught you about love?

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