Why Your Ex Should Stay In Your Past


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It's natural to miss your ex, but you shouldn't always act on that old, familiar feeling.

6. A percentage of your time together genuinely made you very unhappy.
If you're ever found yourself saying or thinking, "We were so happy, 60 percent of the time," you should throw in 100 percent of the towel. If you can quantify how often you were miserable while in a relationship with this person, going back for more would be settling in a big way.

7. You're already totally over him.
Emotionally you've moved on. Starting over with him would be like re-watching a movie you've already seen, that you know the ending to, and that you have no real interest in seeing twice. Why? Just because? Did you watch "Battlefield Earth" for a second time, just because? No. No you didn't. The Frisky: How To Dress To Meet Your Ex


8. You f**ked someone else in the interim.
And it was better. Don't lie. It was, wasn't it?

9. Your friends and family hate him.
Post breakup, you talked mad s**t about the horrible things he did, and as a result, no one would respect you for taking him back. This is a two part lesson: if there's a chance that things are not over for good, be mindful of what dirty laundry you air to your loved ones. You can forgive and forget, but maybe they can't.

10. Because getting back together is always a bad idea.
Well, 99 percent of the time is it. These are real statistics, people. Don't get at me for speaking the truth using hard facts.

By Amelia McDonell-Parry for The Frisky

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