4 Signs A Guy Is Too Good To Be True


ali bachelorette sitting with justin
The Bachelorette got rid of Justin just in time. Here are signs a guy's not who he seems to be.

3. Other people speak unfavorably about him.
When Ali gave the other contestants an opportunity to vote for whom they would eliminate, Justin was the clear choice. While we can certainly understand her hesitation to believe everything Justin's competition might be saying about him, eventually it should have become difficult for her to believe that Justin was truly a sweet—and simply misunderstood—guy. If you bring your guy around people who care about you, and they suggest that something may not be right, listen to what they have to say. You may know him best, but it's sometimes easier for someone outside of the relationship to point out what you've missed. My Friends Hate My Boyfriend

4. When confronted with conflicts, he runs.
In this case, Justin literally ran—er, hobbled—from Ali. Everyone is entitled to make mistakes, but if you approach a guy about his lies, and he makes no effort to accept responsibility for his choices, or, worse yet, he continues to deny lying, it's you who should be running from him. Don't give him a chance to lie to you again.


Although these stealth, smooth-talking guys exist in abundance, in reality TV and reality, life goes on. Cut your losses, realize you're smarter for the next time, and thank him for helping you to realize what real men look like—hellooo, Roberto—as opposed to boys just playing the part. Get daily love advice direct to your inbox. Sign up for the YourTango newsletter.

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