The Double Standard


The Double Standard.
Why dont we call guys
sluts too?

Lets do a simple Math problem shall we.
1(GUY) fucks 10 girls = STUD 1(GIRL) fucks 10 guys = SLUT?

is not adding up here...


Guys who get a lot of sex are
celebrated, and women who get a lot of sex are disgraced; WTF?!
seems that while moms and dads all across the world gave their little
boys and girls the Birds and Bees SEX talk; not everyone got the same
info. Little boys were being encouraged to go out and get as much sex as
we possibly could and that this was a testimate of our manhood, while
little girls were being told to wait and save themselves for that one
special day, and that their ability to wait was the testimate of being a
lady. Sound familiar?

Call me crazy, but it seems like someone
is getting set up to fail. It takes two to tango, and at the end of the
night someone comes out a stud and the other comes out a slut. But
didn't both people agree to have sex and didn't both people also enjoy
it equally (Hopefully)? This shit is not fair. If I ever have a daughter
coming into this world and I will refuse to tell her this crazy ass
lie. How do I explain to her that the sex she will one day have and
enjoy naturally will make her a slut and the guy will be a stud, a
hero?! Get the F#@k outta here!!! No way!

Women should be
allowed to enjoy having as many sexual experiences as they desire and
not feel any different about it than a man does. Who decided that it was
only okay for guys?
Why so sensitive?

My friends and
I recently hit up one of our favorite Los Angeles eateries and I
brought up the topic of the double standard. I was surprised by their

First, I asked my
guys friends how they would feel if their girl friends had more sex
partners than they did? Most guys were speechless, and hesitated before
answering at the risk of seeming like a sexist pig. They were not
extremely open to it. Somehow they felt that this information lessened
her value and purity. Yet, when asked if they preferred a woman with no
partners at all, they unanimously said Hell No-they all wanted a freak
in the bed!

I asked them what the difference was? They explained
that they wanted someone who could be respected in public without a
reputation for being a freak with other men openly... They are trying to
avoid introducing their new fiance to the fellas only to find out that
she smashed the homies! But what about the other side...women have to
meet up with our exs and past partners all the time in public and just
grin and bare it without so much as a hint of jealousy. Whos really the
pussy in this situation?

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