Managing Depression When You're Trying To Conceive


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How do you manage depression when SSRIs and other medications are not an option?

Will I be able to manage my mood swings sans medication? The Yaz is obviously not an option and, while there are conflicting studies about the adverse affects of antidepressants on one's unborn child, I'm trying to go without for now. But will being self-aware be enough?

Will the emotional stress I place upon myself affect the baby? While certain SSRIs have been shown to have negative affects on the fetus, high levels of stress can also adversely affect the baby, and complicate the pregnancy.


Will I suffer from postpartum depression? My obstetrician says that pregnancy may cause my hormones to flip-flop, making me more sane than I've ever been before. But I can't help asking myself, "What if...?" Postpartum Depression: How To Beat The Baby Blues

Will I be even more insufferable than I am now? My husband knows how to handle me better than anyone else. When we fight, he suggests we sit down and do a reflective listening exercise. When I'm sad, he is relentlessly goofy. I constantly worry, however, that—one day—I'll drive him away. Reflective Listening

For now, both my obstetrician and psychopharmacologist have suggested that I play things by ear. 

Have you ever had to deal with similar circumstances? How did you reconcile the needs of your child with your own mental and emotional needs?

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