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I had just turned 15 when I started The List. It was a secret file on my computer that I just prayed no one would find. I rationalized it in my mind: Doesn't everyone make these sorts of lists? After all, it wasn't anything dirty (my early-teen mind had just been scared stiff from a semester of health class and Lifetime movies); instead, it was innocent and little did I know at the time that what started so private would turn into such an eye-opening experience.


Over the years, the list grew and grew. And though nothing ever materialized beyond putting their names on the list, it didn't matter. I didn't just fantasize about these men from afar, I fell headfirst over the edge and into a deep, shallow ravine – a ravine of obsessing, analyzing, and of course, there was some drooling in there too.

But once I managed to claw my way out of that bottomless pit, I came to see that each guy signaled a rite of passage of sorts. From the artistically proportioned nude model/life guard to the decidedly younger guy, each one had earned its rightful spot for a reason: To help me figure out who I like, who I don't like, and most importantly, who I am. Let's face it, there are just certain guys that need to come into a girl's life, if only ever-so briefly, because in the end, a crush isn't really just a crush, is it? 10 Things To Say To Your Coworker Crush

So grab a pen and see if you can check off these five dudes from your own guy checklist.

A.K.A, the Stud, this guy is the ultimate man's man. Ah, there's nothing like the good old All-American standard: Tall, muscular, blonde haired and blue eyed and tan. I fell for this guy one summer when I was 16. He was the lifeguard at the local pool, and let's just say I burned off a lot of calories that summer by balancing swimming back and forth with oogling his sculptured physique: His toned boy, tan, broad shoulders and that hot tattoo that moved every time he flexed his biceps. It didn't help that he worked as a nude model too. My father was appalled; I was enthralled. Gosh, it was the best summer of my young life.

These guys are your Seth Cohens or your Steve Urkels. They may carry pocket protectors and sport an extensive collection of Superman comic books, but have you noticed how sexy it suddenly is, especially with those horned-rim specks? The mind can be a very sexy body part. Now instead of passionate kisses and candle-lit dinners, I dream of someone reading to me in bed as we lie in each other's arms.

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