How To Have A Better Breakup


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No matter what side of the breakup you're on, you should make the best of your new role as his ex.

When you did the dumping...

1. Suck it up and be the bad guy. Whether you cheated on him or just fell out of love, realize that, at least for a while, your now-ex is probably going to be angry. He's allowed to be pissed-off and think you're a giant, gaping a**hole. Obviously, you don't have to put up with any kind of abuse, but getting into a big argument about it is only going to prolong the misery for both of you. It's OK that someone in the world dislikes you. The Frisky: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...For Dudes


2. No backsies or mixed messages, please. Is it just me, or has everyone had one of these exes who turns up every few years just to suck you back in and then cut you loose again? There's nothing wrong with ex sex, as long as you both know that it's an occasional deal with no lasting emotional impact. But keeping some pining ex on the hook for the occasional ego/clitoral massage is the mark of a narcissist. Don't be that beyotch.

3. Realize that he's probably going to move on. Funny how some guys just get so much more appealing the second they hook up with another woman. You dumped him, so you don't get to rethink things now that he's got a new girlfriend/fiancée/wife. It's natural to have feelings of regret that he no longer loves you (especially if you're still single), but acting on them shows a serious lapse of boundaries, good sense and kindness.

When it was a mutual breakup...

Oh, please. No such thing.

Written by Judy McGuire for The Frisky.

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