Love Bytes: How To Succeed At Online Dating

Love Bytes

Plus, mind-blowing wedding statistics and the lessons we learn from men's magazines.

Love Bytes: 13 must-click love and relationship links. 

A woman shares the intimate story of her baby's birth, describing the experience as the "scariest hour" in her life. [Café Mom]

Weddings may take all shapes and sizes, but as these 12 statistics prove, they never fail to surprise. [The Frisky]

Scott Valdez, the founder of Virtual Dating Assistants, gives advice on how to play the online dating field. [Asylum]

This practical boyfriend gift guide includes everything from score tickers to chess sets to the one last-minute gift every man is bound to love. [College Candy]

We all love the occasional romance novel, but some erotic reads are just downright disgusting. [Em and Lo]

The lessons we female readers gather from men's magazines are oftentimes a depressing reflection of the opposite sex. [Yahoo! Shine]

To live a happier and more peaceful life, why not practice loving kindness? [Huffington Post]

A divorce is difficult enough without making these seven mistakes to make matters so much worse. [Glo]

James Tyler, the man behind the soccer blog Unprofessional Foul, provides eight necessary pointers on how to be the perfect girlfriend during the World Cup games. [Marie Claire]

How unforgettable should a marriage proposal be? [Cosmopolitan]

Web conferencing has become a new trend in offering abortion counseling to women. [Double X]

Supermodel Adriana Lima shows off her newborn baby Valentina alongside husband Marko Jaric. [PopEater]

These ladykillers may be able to teach men a thing or two about how to properly pick up a woman. [COED Magazine]


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