Miss USA Pole Dancing - Nothing Here Worth Fightin

Miss USA Pole Dancing - Nothing Here Worth Fightin

According to CBS News, Miss USA was caught pole dancing before receiving her crown. While some individuals find this to be entirely harmless, others who were already heated up over the bikini and lingerie shots are expressing their outrage. The Detroit morning radio program "Mojo in the Morning" posted images of the Lebanese beauty after its 2007 "Stripper 101" contest. According to the radio program, the contest involved fully clothed females, and only females were in attendance. Photos show Rima Fakih -- who won the contest -- fully clothed, but with dollar bills stuffed into her bra. At least the Muslim woman didn't go to a loan company, for the Muslim faith strictly forbids paying interest.

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Miss USA Rima Fakih pole dancing was simply 'all in good fun'

That's how the "Mojo within the Morning" crew characterized Miss USA pole dancing. The Miss USA organization did follow up for more details with the radio station, but it did not reveal whether Rima Fakih's title would be affected by the pole dancing. Evidently, Fakih earned various prizes for her victory, including "jewelry, gift cards, adult toys and a stripper pole for home use," as outlined by TMZ. Miss Universe corporation owner Donald Trump previously gave the green light for lingerie photos (taken outside the Miss USA contest), but he has not been reached for response on Miss USA pole dancing as yet.

Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih -- the poster child for the "Islamo-pandering climate?"

Debbie Schlussel is claiming exactly that in her blog. Her allegations center on the rumor that Rima Fakih was financially backed by alleged Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad, and that the Miss USA 2010 victory for Rima Fakih was somehow fixed. But Schlussel's credibility begins to fly right out the window with one take a look at her scathing expose on the matter, showcasing an obviously Photoshopped image of Mr. Hamad. Middle East Forum Director Daniel Pipes believes that Rima Fakih's Miss USA victory is "an odd form of affirmative action," which indicates the overall view of the same conservatives who are likely complaining over Miss USA pole dancing.

Perhaps Rima Fakih won Miss USA because she's beautiful, talented and well-spoken? Just something to keep in mind.


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