10 Signs You're Just Friends


guy and girl listening to music on bed
Do you fall for your friends? How to confirm that you're still "just friends."

6. He lets you sleep over. But doesn't lay a finger on you. No matter how often you "accidentally" bump into him or allow your sweatshirt to fall seductively over one shoulder, Flashdance-style.

7. He only gets grabby when he's drunk. If a dude likes you, he'll find any excuse he can to touch you: playfully, comfortingly, seductively. (Does anyone remember when tickle fights were a perfectly viable pickup tactic?) But if he only gets touchy-feely when he's drunk, lonely or miserable due to the effects of a recent breakup, don't be tempted to take advantage of this momentary bit of vulnerability. You're looking for a sober seduction, remember?


8. He then says, "We're friends... right?" If you do happen to experience a lapse in good judgement, there's a good chance you'll hear this line the morning after. And good gracious is this line frustrating.

9. He's dating your roommate. Despite all that you've shared, he ends up falling in love with your roommate the very first time you bring him home. Even worse is the fact that she then reciprocates. Misery.

10. He comes out to you. And in case you were wondering... if he happens to confide in you that he does cuddle with the guys after spending the day with them, you shouldn't take this news as a challenge to "turn" him. That would just be a ridiculous, crazy-making exercise in futility.

Believe us. You'll know if he starts seeing you as more than "just friends." He'll start wearing spiffy clothes and cologne when he hangs out with you. He'll initiate tickle fights. He'll try to touch your boobs. Seriously. You'll just know. 4 Signs You're More Than Friends

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