5 Ways The iPhone 4 Will Change Your Relationship


5 Ways The iPhone 4 Will Change Your Relationship
Videocalling, high-resolution sexting and more ways the iPhone 4 will change relationships.

4. People will whip it out to pick up dates. Plenty of us rely on accessories to reel in the opposite sex. Don't lie, you've given a guy five bonus points for owning a golden lab, touting around a baby, or picking you up in a sweet ride. We dare say that when the conversation's running a little dry, guys and gals alike will pull out their fancy new iPhone 4 in hope that it will attract those who like shiny objects.

5. Integrated antennae will "greatly increase" reception...making it harder for iPhone 4 owners to cut an unpleasant phone conversation short by lying that your reception's fuzzy. 4 iPhone Apps That Could Save Your Relationship

How else will the iPhone 4 change dating and relationships?

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