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Ex etiquette, pickup artistry and first dates.

It's the beginning of a new week and I'm feeling pretty froggy. Here are some of the bestest things the internet had to offer last week.

First up, Em & Lo ( have ten signs you're reading a bad romance novel. Aw man, there's gotta be a Lady Gaga gag in there somewhere…


Limelife wants to let you in on a little book love too. They have a list of the five most interesting seduction reads out there, we're talking pickup artistry. It's up to you to use this information for good or evil. Read: Flirting Tips From A Female Pickup Artist

Good pickup lines sometimes lead to first dates. The brosephs at Guyism have 6 atypical (and worthwhile) first date ideas. I've done one of these for a later date and, cha-ching, worked like a charm. That's right, happiness is a warm gun. Read: First Date Tips Guys Should Memorize

And some pick-up lines work too well (think Wedding Crashers). My buddies at Leftos give 6 ways to avoid becoming a stage 5 clinger… play it cool, little mama.

And since lists are the theme of this round up, MomLogic has four tips on how to hate sex less. I would say that the first step is not getting naked grudgingly or with a plethora of sighs and "fine, make it quick and I'm not taking off my sweatshirt"s.

Christine Carter at the Huffington Post, she's a PhD so pay attention, talks about how to improve your marriage using sex. If sex is the answer, I totally don't care what the question is. Read: Six-Month Sex Challenge: Could You Do It?

Sometimes a sexless relationship will lead to a breakup. The Frisky teaches you how to be a good ex. I'd say that inviting the ex to your wedding is a judgment call… e.g. if you have good judgment you won't.

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