Steamy Soup

 Steamy Soup

Hey fans this is about life for all ages
Let me start this off by saying I am 45+ with all the steam of
a topical funnel cloud. When you are in love you hear music in your head when he walked inside of any room of the  house. He leaves you and every song on the radio reminds you of his sexual way he eats soup crumbled with stupid crackers with cheese on top. The way the bathroom smells
of his manly soap with dents on each side.The toilet is left up to serve only his purpose in the bathroom. He talks of his recent trips to every deli in town, doing the moonwalk in the living room. Searching the  T.V. for a anchor he can related to on any channel.Me lol with every crazy joke that he writes with toothpaste on the kitchen counter.Sex plans he has for us. I miss this wonderful guy who left me for another city.Goals he could not reach in our city. Everyone who reads
this let me tell you what I did to move past this hurt. I reinvented myself  learning how to be a business women, a fundrasing coodintor, work a trade shows selling various items  to people. Still looking for love, however loving my self first.My heart is open to anything that the world can give me.Makes ginger tea,reading about different countries, love to travel. learning how to sala dancing ha ha ha.......

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