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David Carradine's Widow Filing Wrongful Death Suit


David Carradine died having dangerous solo sex, but that's not stopping his wife from suing!

One year ago today, David Carradine, of Kung Fu and Kill Bill fame, was found dead in his luxury room in Bangkok's Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel. To commemorate his death, his widow, Annie Carradine, is filing a wrongful death suit against the production company that was handling her husband's last film.

Her claim: David Carradine would still be alive if he hadn't been left alone in his hotel that night. David Carradine Got His Kicks from Kink

You see, he would have never have turned to the dangerous — and ultimately deadly — practice of autoerotic asphyxiation if he had simply been provided with "all the best amenities" and "sufficient assistance."

Of course. Makes sense. They should have known about his "sexually deviant ways," and have been around to lend him a helping hand. A Crash Course In Autoerotic Asphyxiation

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.


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