The Maintenance Engineer (Announcement)


The Maintenance Engineer (Announcement)

The door was solidly locked, it would not open.

  I opened the control box mounted on the bulkhead next to the Personnel lift door. ... I activated the sensor viewer. There was air where I was but no gravity. But what was worse was what the screen showed on the other side of the bulkhead. The Entire Bridge module was GONE!

...Without the bridge controls the only way to operate the ship was at the Auxiliary Bridge near Engineering... "Well," I said to myself, "Guess where I'm going?"...


  ...I scanned the length of the ship as far as the viewer could go anyway. I saw more huge holes drilled right through our ship! My Beautiful Ship! "What has been done to My Beautiful Ship?" I wondered to myself. It looked like it had been hit with buckshot!...

  I called again on my Wrist Com. No response from anyone. I went down the tube to connect with the Central passage...Emergency lights blurred past me as I sailed along effortlessly down the tube...

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