Love Bytes: The Spiritual Side Of Dating


Love Bytes
Plus, the best places to have summer sex and ingenious first date ideas.

Love Bytes: 13 must-click love and relationship links. 

Rue McClanahan, best known for her portrayal of the sexy and flirtatious Blanche Devereaux, has passed away at 76. [Café Mom]


For some fun in the sun, check out these hotspots for outdoor summer sex. [The Frisky]

Dirty dancing is taken to new levels with the "amoeba," a dance in which students gather in a circle and apparently discharge bodily fluids. [TrésSugar]

Funny man Russell Brand offers a few surefire tips on getting laid, which include skiing and the apocalypse. [Asylum]

Being young, in love and broke is no fun, especially when your partner is pulling all the financial weight. [College Candy]

A wedding may be your big day, but why not share your love and happiness with those you invited? [Divine Caroline]

Dr. Kate gives advice to a woman who loves to have sex—though her vagina doesn't. [Em and Lo]

Dating can be a spiritually uplifting experience, if you take to heart these 11 dating mantras. [Yahoo! Shine]

The downside of living a healthier and longer live? You might just outlive your own marriage. [Huffington Post]

Why do some women want a Fatal Attraction-type relationship, even when they know it's a lost cause? [Glo]

Here's a tough question: Can you be a loving and protective mother without actually caring for your child? [Double X]

These first date ideas, however inventive, could either be the perfect start to a loving relationship or a downright disaster. [Guyism]

Leann Rimes reveals her true feelings about her affair with Eddie Cibrian and how she doesn't "regret the outcome." [Pop Eater]


Love Bytes: 13 must-click love and relationship links. 

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