The New Universe of Virtual Dating: Find Real Love

The New Universe of Virtual Dating: Find Real Love

If you could do anything on a first date with no strings or fees attached, what would it be? Would you choose to fly to Rio and sip on caipirinhas by the ocean, play intimate board games in front of a roaring fire at a mountain lodge in Switzerland or have a picnic in the Jardin de Luxemberg in Paris?

Now imagine that the next time you log on to your favorite dating site you could invite a person who caught your eye to join you?

Welcome to the world of virtual dating, where anything is possible and your wildest romantic dreams can come true.

Omnidate, the company we are about to describe, is taking online dating to new heights and you may just want to fasten your seatbelt before taking the ride. The technology, which has been rolled out after several years of development under CEO and founder Ravit Abelman, allows end-users to simulate dates and make connections before making a commitment to take things offline.

Unlike video dating which uses a webcam, the Omnidate platform has been intelligently designed so that individuals can converse, flirt and play games in a safe and secure environment, helping them test and gauge compatibility along the way.  

Yes, it’s a James Cameron kind of world, but this is more reality-driven than the fantasy oriented Second Life. The intricacies that facilitate the getting-to-know you dating process are where a product like Omnidate shines. Users can select caricatures based on ethnicity and can customize their digital replicas based on their features, age, hairstyle and fashion sense. There’s even a photo fit option which transforms personal images into customized epitomes. What Omnidate has built can make the online dating process much more intimate, qualified and real.

If you’re skeptical, consider the success rates. This past May,, a community of online dating sites, promoted their first free Virtual Date services to members, who reported that it led to multiple times more dates than their normal response rate. For those curious to see and try it for themselves, the Omnidate technology is currently available on and will be coming soon to sites like Jdate in the United Kingdom and France.

As for Abelman, she continues working behind the scenes to embed this plug-and-play technology into other dating sites, so keep a watchful eye out because virtual dating may be coming soon to a site that you use! is the premier lifestyle destination for singles: women and men of all ages who have never been married as well as those who are divorced



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