4 Theories About The Al And Tipper Gore Divorce


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We're just as stumped as you are, but here are 4 theories about the Gore divorce.

USA Today interviewed one divorce lawyer who thinks the Gores are an indication of more Baby Boomer "late-stage" divorces to come, as member of the "Me" generation move beyond empty nests into retirement age.

It's the whole phenomenon of living longer, of having sex longer, of being healthier, oftentimes of being wealthier and feeling that they can easily pursue a no-fault divorce... I think we're seeing persons in long marriages questioning whether in fact there's a better life out there.


3. Lifestyle Change

The Gores spent decades pushing hard to build Al's political career. They had to adopt a sort of "us-against-the-world" mentality that brought them close and kept them strong. But after the 2000 election and Al's foray into environmentalism, life for the Gores became considerably less turbulent. The drastic change in the context of their relationship could have caused discord and alienation, and lead to their marital strife. According to ABC, it could have been Al's increasing fame and emotional investment in environmental issues that lead Tipper to feel excluded from his life. 

4. He Let Himself Go

It is unlikely that after 40 years of ups and downs, and thicks and thins, that a couple of pounds and some facial hair could derail a loving marriage. It's no secret that over the past 10 years or so, Al has—for lack of a better term—gone through periods of "letting himself go." Even if the changes in his appearance weren't enough to bring the guillotine down on their marriage, they could be indicative of more serious issues, from his self-esteem to struggles with depression. I'm Just Not That Into His Weight Gain

What's your theory? Why did Al and Tipper call it quits after 40 years?

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