Would you Date a Pirate?

Would you Date a Pirate?

ThePirateBay.org, the web's leading file sharing site and a top 100 ranked website, has recently made an announcement that's generated big Internet buzz:  they've launched a dating site that lets people share their single friends and it's called…wait for it…PirateDate.com.  No – this is not some kind of "swinger" or even adult oriented site as one might think, but rather an interesting platform where friends meet the single friends of their friends of their friends (etc) and help each other out by sharing opinions, advice and making introductions. 

The idea stemmed from the fact that the Pirate Bay is about sharing music, videos etc and so the next logical step for them was to create PirateDate – a cross between social networking and online dating.  By merging together powerful dating features with the social connections on Facebook, they've created a dating environment that's centered on social trust.  

So, how do you trust a pirate? 

  • Well, first you want to check out how you're connected to interesting singles through what they call "Trust Paths." These are chains of friends that connect you to any single on the site in up to 5 degrees of separation, similar to "The Kevin Bacon Game." 

  • Second, your search results are always ordered by "social proximity," so that members who are closer to you appear first.  For example, a single best friend of a co-worker would appear higher in your results than the cyber friend of a distant acquaintance.  Unlike Facebook, the system knows to differentiate between close friends and those who hardly know each other. 

  • Third, friends on PirateDate actually vouch for one another.  Instead of relying on a programmer's compatibility chart, you can simply ask around – is this guy for real?  Can I trust him?  Does anyone think we're compatible? 

Some people are already claiming that an approach like this can revolutionize online dating. Tens of thousands of people are joining daily, and right now, for single ladies (or "lassies"), the site is literally flooded with the tech guys who've already migrated from ThePirateBay.org.  Who knows – if you set sail now, there just might be a "real" Captain Sparrow waiting on board for you.    


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