11 Signs A Lady Is Telling Lies


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She's avoiding your questions and looks uneasy, but is she lying? 11 signs that she is.

7. Liar, Liar: Have you seen her lie to other people about big things for her own benefit? I'm not talking about tiny white lies like "all this hair is really mine" or "I baked this from scratch," but real character-compromising lies. If the answer is yes, then what makes you think she isn't willing to fib to save face with you?  When she lies to others, how and why does she do it? Now compare it to your situation—sound familiar?

8. The Devil Is In The Details: If she's telling a story and leaving out the details, ask for them and then watch her body language (see #5). On the other hand, if she's telling the story and it's unusually long, why is she so nervous?


9. Ex Marks The Spot: If she vehemently denies she never even thinks about her ex-boyfriend, she's lying. Every girl thinks about her lost loves, but that doesn’t mean she doesn't think what she has with you is better—that's the key! The Frisky: 15 Signs You're Over Your Ex

10. Story Lines: Are you telling the story, or is she? If she just says yes to whatever you're saying about it, there's something more you should know. She should be coloring the story with personal details, not merely going along with what you already know.

11. Listen To Your Gut: We all run on instinct. If you think something is fishy, speak up. If it's merely paranoia, she should be able to help you relax. But if you still feel something is not right, it most likely isn't. When has your gut lied to you?

Written by Simcha Whitehill for The Frisky.

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