10 Old Hollywood Hotties We Miss


James Dean, Paul Newman
In the spirit of Memorial Day, we're remembering these handsome hunks who are no longer with us.

5. James Dean - Although he only made three films, Dean's impact on pop culture may be greater than anyone else's on this list. Aside from his almost unfair bad boy good looks, much of what made the actor so attractive was his sexual ambiguity. There are many conflicting reports as to whether Dean was homosexual, bisexual or a straight guy who liked "experimentation," which only strengthens his iconic status among both gay and straight fans. (Interesting side note: Sexual ambiguity is actually a trait that many of the men on this list have in common, as even Mr. Rugged, Gary Cooper, was rumored to have had at least one homosexual relationship.) 7 Traits Of Irresistible Men

6. Troy Donahue - Before the sparkly vampires, before Zac Efron and his gang of musical high schoolers, before the two Coreys, and before the Brat Pack, there was one of the cuttttest teen idols evarrrrrrr—OMG, Troy Donahue! We swear that guy was created from a Ken doll in some sort of Weird Science gender role reversal incident.


7. Rock Hudson - Hudson rose to fame playing the dashing leading man (most often opposite Doris Day) in the '50s and '60s. Sadly, he succumbed to AIDS in 1985, and many female fans were shocked to learn that their paragon of masculinity was actually a gay man—although Hudson himself never officially "came out." 

8. Gene Kelly - Those magic dancing feet. That 1.21 jigowatt smile. Those ARMS. How could anyone not love Gene Kelly? And all signs pointed to him being as nice a guy offscreen as he was onscreen in gems like Anchors Aweigh, An American in Paris, and—arguably the greatest movie musical ever—Singin' in the Rain.

9. Paul Newman - He had an impressive film career spanning five decades, one of the most admirable and longstanding Hollywood marriages, a very un-celebrity attitude and a line of food products, and his incredible generosity still lives on in the form of his many charities. All of that made us love Paul Newman, but it was those blue eyes that made us fall head over heels in lust every time that gorgeous face graced our TV and movie screens.

10. Gregory Peck - Best known for his Oscar-winning performance in To Kill A Mockingbird, Peck was one of the most talented and respected actors of his time. Possessing an underlying current of decency, Peck had a Jimmy Stewart-like appeal, but with less of the too nice boy-next-door quality that kept Mr. Stewart off of our list. Why Nice Guys Are Still Bad Boys

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