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Fairytale Love


"The One" is a concept that evokes a variety of responses. It scares the crap out of me and yet sounds ridiculous at the same time. "The one" is intimidating, I believe. Is there truly one person made for you? Is there just one out of the 6 billion plus on the planet? This all seems hard for me to believe. My mom told me she met her "soulmate," my father. She says, "I just wish you could meet someone that knocks your socks off." I retorted that just because a person "knocks your socks off" does not mean he will make a good match and it's happily ever after. I met someone who did just that, and it didn't end well. So, is it wrong (wrong as in, your relationship won't work) if a man doesn't give you those intense feelings? I believe love takes on many forms. And it seems to me that American culture and our notion of the "happily ever after" has ultimately hurt men and women alike in their search for true love. I think there are a lot of people on this earth, and we meet only a fraction of them. There are some that are better suited for us than others, but I think many of the men we discard because they don't fit our checklist could be one of "the ones." The American view of what "love" is has left me confused and cynical.


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