Baby Bytes: Mothering Ain't Easy

baby with laptop

Are you being too hard on yourself with this whole mothering thing? Heck no!

Baby Bytes: 7 must-click mom links:

We scored tickets to an early screening of SATC2, and one of our favorite scenes was this mom moment between Charlotte and Miranda. [iVillage]

Being shopaholics and all, we can't help drooling over this piece of multifunctional baby furniture. [Ohdeedoh]

Do working moms have fatter kids? Maybe. Who has time to cook those healthy meals!? [Babble]

How do you explain your... um... unconventional job to your kids? [MomsinBabeland]

We love how supportive this mom is about the fact that her daughter dropped out of high school. [ParentDish]

This piece is great. It's important to remember that happy parents can equal happy kids. [Good Housekeeping]

And the age-old question: what's the best age for parents to teach their kids about sex? [Em & Lo]


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