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CheatConfession Wants Your Tales Of Infidelity

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CheatConfession: new infidelity website is FML meets Dear Abby meets AshleyMadison.

Is it just us, or are confessional websites the Internet trend du jour? Between PostSecret, FML, and Texts from Last Night, we've been suffering a sinister blend of schadenfreude and TMI. CheatConfession, which is exactly what it sounds like, is the latest collection of diatribes and tales of despair to emerge from the crop. 

Like any confessional site, CheatConfession lets users submit their stories anonymously by simply filling out a form. Stories are organized into five categories: Cheaters, Cheated On, Thinking About Cheating, Other Person and Letters. Readers can comment and vote on whether the infidelity was justified or not. You can also choose to browse stories, which vary in length from a couple of paragraphs to the Next Great American Novel, by date or popularity. 7 Signs He's Cheating

The stories themselves range from pathetic, to nonsensical, to flat-out funny and probably made up. For example, a recent most popular story is written by a young man who returns from his deployment to find that his father had acquired a live-in girlfriend. Nine months later, the 50-year-old girlfriend gave birth to an autistic child, whom the young man is convinced he fathered since he and the girlfriend had an affair. He concludes by imagining that he will feed the child Oreos or Nutter Butters from time to time. How To Spot A Facebook Cheater

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