4 Sexy Celebrity Hairstyles Men Love


jennifer aniston long hair
A recent poll shows men love these 4 sexy celebrity hairstyles.

The Cut: The Agyness Deyn Pixie Crop

Why He Loves It: Not every guy digs a super-short cut, but the ones who do love the contrast of a boyish hairstyle on a girly girl. Plus, a short crop always makes your facial features stand out, so your lips and eyes are front and center.


Get It If: You have a small face with big features: a short cut will bring out big eyes or full lips. A pixie also looks great on short, fine hair: it'll add body and give your hair the illusion of more volume. And don't attempt a pixie if you don't have the time or cash for regular trims: it'll quickly lose shape if you don't maintain it.

How to Style It: Once you have the cut, a pixie is on of the easiest and most fun to style. Just rub a quarter-sized glob of hair wax or putty between your palms and go to town: keep it sleek, give yourself a faux-hawk, or do something in between. The product will do all the work, giving you a piecey, fun texture.

The Cut: Gwyneth Paltrow's Long Bob

Why He Loves It: Not too short and not too long, this is a look that's on the conservative end of the hairstyle spectrum, but still has a deliberately-style chic edge. Plus, it's universally flattering.

Get It If: You want a relatively low-maintenance style that's still super chic. This length works on all face shapes and hair types.

How to Style It: Use a large paddle brush (not a rounded bristle brush) as your dry your hair, and make sure you're using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner if your hair is fine so that the final style won't look dull and limp. A flatiron is optional if you want a stick-straight look, but a long bob is perfect for working with the natural wave or curl in your hair. Finish it off with a shine spray or serum so that your hair looks healthy and sleek.

Want a new 'do for summer? Try one of these four sexy celebrity styles that men ranked as their favorite haircuts on women in a recent poll:


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