Jon Gosselin Introduces Girlfriend To Eight Kids


Jon Gosselin Introduces Girlfriend To Eight Kids
The Eight meet Daddy's new lady as Jon Gosselin brings 23-year-old Ellen Ross home.

Jon Gosselin is apparently serious this time, as he's taken a big step forward in his new relationship: bringing girlfriend Ellen Ross home to meet his eight kids. "She is the first love interest to be introduced to his children," a source told Us Weekly. The source also says The Eight have "really taken to Ellen and she's enjoying spending time with them." Jon, 33, and Ellen, 23, have been dating for a month.

Just to recap, since his nine-year marriage to Kate Gosselin imploded last year, Jon has been linked with 23-year-old Pennsylvania elementary school teacher Deanna Hummel; Hailey Glassman, then the 22-year-old daughter of Kate's plastic surgeon; Star reporter Kate Major, who's 27 and now engaged to Michael Lohan; 25-year-old law school student Morgan Christie; and now Ellen. We are at a loss to explain why all these relatively attractive women in their 20s keep having consensual sex with a broke, shlubby father of eight who tends to wear head-to-toe Ed Hardy. Seriously? Jon Gosselin Did Steal, Must Return $180K To Kate

By contrast, Kate has been on Dancing With the Stars since the divorce, and allegedly had an affair with her bodyguard. And that's about it. Oh, she's also publicly lusted after George Clooney, but who hasn't. Although we guess it's really hard to spiff up your profile when all of America has seen you shrieking at your husband like a banshee with a dead ferret on its head. Those stories about 15 months of celibacy don't help either. Along with eight kids, that's a lot of baggage to overcome. 3 Modest Suggestions For Kate Gosselin

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