6 Ways To Repel The Ladies


Sometimes, those "brilliant" pickup moves don't go as planned.

4) Overdoing the innuendo. Everyone who's not a prude likes a good sex joke here and there. Plus, a little bit of sexually-charged repartee can build a dynamite bridge from flirting to full-on carnal knowledge. But if your game would make Spinal Tap blush, dial it back a micron or twain. Enjoy watching Steve Carell dance around the line.

5) Age-inappropriate hairdonts. If you have a Justin Bieber and you're 36, that's not reasonable. It works in the other direction, too. If you're 22 and you have a 55-year-old man's receding hairline, or MPB, you may have to rethink your 'do. Enjoy the following age-inappropriate haircut, WITH the special bonus of using bronzer (not safe for the workplace).

6) Showing off skillz. Napoleon Dynamite says that women like dudes with skills, and I'm not arguing the veracity of that statement, but using certain skills does not a proper pickup make. Bar ninjitsu, parking lot parkour and bad magic tricks have too high a probability of going wrong. For example. 5 Shy-Guy Pick-Up Moves


Obviously, some nice-looking and possibly worthwhile ladies go for all of the above, which necessitates sites like HotChicksWithD-bags (please notice the number of mixed martial arts-related t-shirts). But still. What Words Are Off Limits These Days?

Hit us up with other can't-miss ways to scare the ladies away, so people can do the opposite.

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