Tammy Lynn Tearfully Blogs About Melissa Etheridge


Tammy Lynn Melissa Etheridge
Tammy Lynn accuses Melissa Etheride of leaving their family to chase fame.

Ooh. Well, looks like the breakup between Tammy Lynn and Melissa Etheridge was anything but mutual as previously reported. Splitsville: April's Most Devastating Breakups

"cuz i did not go anywhere, honey / and you and i both know it / please stop telling the press it was mutual-" says scorned wife Tammy Lynn in a new blog post entitled no more censorship for me?


Words started flying back in February when the L Word star wrote about "being crippled and bleeding" from the breakup. Mysteriously, they were soon deleted. Now it seems like the deletions were part of Melissa Etheridge's alpha-lesbian PR control machine, a machine whose sole intent was censoring any criticism of the singer that would hurt album sales.

After all, people are more likely to listen to an album if they believe it is inspired by real life heartache, and not simply, say, the egotistical impulses of a woman who would leave two toddlers and a marriage of nine years "to pluck those strings more."

Below, Tammy's totally relatable accusations:

it didn't work out
you evolved
you needed to be happy-
but really... you withdrew your hands
from family and intimacy
to pluck those strings more

i'd rather hear 10,000 fans
screaming my name in worship
than hear my wife harp on me
about my family intimacy issues too,
you know?
which one is going to get me harder?
easy answer

Yikes. That's pretty damning, but you know what? After listening to Melissa speak about the breakup we find ourselves agreeing with Tammy:

"I know that my children just want me to be happy," Melissa says to Access Hollywood about the divorce. "And I think that I succeed -- that I'm a success at my life If I can be happy and I think they support that."

What a little narcissist! Dating A Narcissist: Should I Leave Him?

What makes the whole situation even sadder is that Tammy is still so in love with Melissa, writing "i still love that damn woman so much, i'm still trying to stop. i had a dream last where honey and i were fighting and going to get a divorce, and i woke up sobbing.... then i realized. oh. it's true. and then what do you do? when the horrible feeling in the dream gets to stay even after you wake up?"

Poor girl. Below, her full blog posting.

no more censorship for me?

well, no censorship?
really, honey?

things can be a long time coming
to one
and smash the hell out of
hit and run
not even staying to clean up the mess

secrets, with-holding,
whispering to all but
the one whom holds the vows
and the toddlers

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