Love Bytes: The Secret Love Language Of Dreams

Hearts on Keyboard

Plus, how stalking can help your love life and the most popular places to have sex.

Love Bytes: Thirteen must-click love and relationship links.

Here's another reason why you should pick up yoga: practicing prenatal yoga may ease the pain and discomfort of labor. [Café Mom]

What your wet dreams may be saying about your love life. [Asylum]

We generally discourage stalking, but apparently, sometimes going to absolute extremes works. [Lemondrop]

Here are 10 ways to have an office romance without getting caught. [Em and Lo]

We teach our kids the importance of love and friendship, but it turns out having enemies may be a good thing for a child's development. [Yahoo! Shine]

There is definitely something relaxing and even mind-blowing about vacation sex, but how can you recreate it at home? [Huffington Post]

Tattoos may be sexy on both men and women, but can they work as a pickup tactic? [Nerve]

It's about time someone dispelled these heinous rumors about men, commitment and marriage. [Glo]

For those who think long-term relationships can't work, it's time to face some revealing (and comforting) numbers. [Marie Claire]

Sex isn't just confined to the bedroom. Why not try the laundry room, kitchen table or the shower? [Cosmopolitan]

Jesse James tears up on national television after confessing to cheating on America's Sweetheart. [PopEater]

Kim Cattrall doesn't want to be depicted as a cougar, so she refuses to pose next to one. [Double X]

Male antelopes have a strange but effective way of keeping females within their territory that men could perhaps learn from. [Guyism]


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