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Baby Bytes: An Awful Mom, Or Just Having Fun?

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Moms everywhere doubt their parenting abilities, while others just wing it.

Baby Bytes: 15 must-click mom links:

Ever feel like your education was useless? The folks at Babble are campaigning to bring back Home Ec. Do it for the kids! [Babble]

One mom realizes that she's totally failing at imparting basic cooking wisdom to her kid. [Good Mom/Bad Mom]

Ever wish that pushing that stroller was a heckuva lot more fun? Enter the Stroller Scooter. [Ohdeedoh]

Even better than the Scooter Stroller: the creepiest birthday party clown ever. [Good Mom/Bad Mom]

We've already written about postpartum depression. But many women are experiencing bouts of depression before they pop one out. [Marie Claire]

Speaking of depression, a new study reveals that new dads experience postpartum depression as well. Read about it here. [NPR]

And here. [iVillage]


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