Ridiculous Cougar Myths To Ignore


cougar, older woman, younger man
5 common misconceptions about older women who date younger men.

3. Cougars are sugar mamas. We've worked hard for our money and we are not ready to squander it on the first kid with washboard abs that asks us out. We understand the importance of being financially independent, and we want the man in our life to have that same commitment.

4. Cougars are sex-starved cradle robbers. It's time to let go of the Mrs. Robinson stereotype. We love sex but we are very careful about who we allow into our beds. We have the benefit of past experience and watch out for the red warning flags that signal trouble. 


5. Cougars are a passing fad. Older women and younger men have always been attracted to each other and that's not stopping anytime soon. But the image of what's right for women is changing—and it's about time! We are starting to kick the old double standard right in the butt.

I invite you to add your favorites below to this list of cougar myths. We have a very strong voice and it's time to let the world know how fabulous we really are.

Linda Franklin is the author of Don't Ever Call Me Ma'am: The Real Cougar Woman Handbook and the founder of TheRealCougarWoman.com

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