The Way We Weren't

By YourTango

The Way We Weren't

So I hereby make the following request to, let’s say, Google: would
you guys mind making some kind of application in which one could
project ten or twenty years into the future to see what kind of person
a current, prospective or ex partner becomes?  That way, the poor girl
who goes unnoticed by the jock in study hall, the husband who gets
dumped by his wife, the crazy-in-love gal whose man suddenly asks for
an open relationship, can stop agonizing.

People say ‘everything happens for a reason’ when a relationship
goes sour, but we all know that’s a load.  Imagine how much better
you’d feel if in the midst of a breakup, a quick Google search could
assure you, ‘no worries.  In ten years, he’ll be living in a trailer
park in Kansas.’

**Reprinted from Laura K. Warrell's blog Tart&Soul at

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