5 Things Single Women Love To Hear


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From expressed envy to validation, here are a few things all single women love hearing.

3. I was single until I was 30 (or 35, or 40...). As the years pass it's easy to slide into a chilly little thought pattern that goes a little something like this: Maybe this whole everlasting love and romance thing will never happen for me. Maybe I'm just meant to be alone. Bummer, untrue, not to mention crushingly depressing. Which is why it's great to have an older friend who far surpassed you in the age department before finding The One. They can regale you in all the windy paths they took at your age—which are bound to be worse then yours. And look at them now!

4. Just delete his number already. Give us some guidance, friend. Point us in a logical direction. Your sage advice will be soaked into the porous sponge of our confused mind and we will be grateful. Everyone's had a self-centered idiot jerk them around or lingered in an unhealthy courtship that just needed to end. Boy, have we ever appreciated being walked to our phone and directed to press "erase." Thank you. Bad Breakup? 10 Things To Remember


5. I think he really likes you. After all we've been through, it's nice to know that, yes, good ones do exist. And, yes, he might even like us, too.

Catching a case of the singles is different for all women. You've got your perennially single women, those who may in some ways love the status. Your newly single-and-ready-to-mingle, and the accidentally single—women who are bitter and out of practice with this whole "unattached" thing. But no matter the reason, here are five things single women love to hear.

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