The Best Of The Web: Birthdays & One-Night Stands


tom miller
Plus kissing frogs, Ashley Madison and strange fetishes.

The crew at has a great rationale between about guy hot versus girl hot. Dudes, evidently, find stripper-looking broads attractive and ladies, somehow, think Lady GaGa is sexy. Well, Mars… Venus… it's my birthday. Read: Girl Vs. Guy Hot: Whom Do You Dress For?

Not that I'm in this situation, but the crew at Gawker has an idea for a berry, berry bad birthday gift: a tell-all divorce blog. Somewhere, someone is blowing out the candles and hoping the whole internet crashes…


Finally, the ladies at The Frisky have inadvertently done me a wonderful birthday service: Confirmed that any lady who changes her hair regularly is banana-cakes crazy. There's a French saying about a woman making a drastic hair change that I can't quite recall… a virtual high-five to anyone who can throw it in there. Read: Beauty Rituals: U.S. vs. France

If you've any links, holler. Feel free to follow on Twitter @TomfooleryTM. Birthday wishes are welcome as long as their well wishes.

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