Baby Bytes: What Mom's Time Is Worth

baby on laptop

You owe your mom $117,856, and other pieces of link love.

Baby Bytes: 8 must-click mom links.

More lucrative than being a writer? Based upon the job responsibilities, being a stay-at-home mom. [San Francisco Chronicle]

The unsexiest reason to have sex, and how to keep it spicy. [Moms in Babeland]

Think you're financially ready to have kids? Think again. [lilsugar]

This LoveMom writer wanted to name her first daughter Lusa. My husband convinced me to use the name on our new cat. Here's why I should be relieved. [Babble]

How we choose to balance motherhood and our careers can teach our children very different lessons about work ethics. [Momasphere]

Fun date night idea? Field trip to IKEA! Come on... don't tell me you haven't done it. [The Stir]

10 things you need to know in order to have safe sex during pregnancy. [iVillage]

And as a counterpoint to our piece, one mother asks herself: Did we get the timing right? Is there a right time to get pregnant? [Mothering]



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