A 3-Step Guide To A Sexy Summer Fling

couple beach lighthouse picnic

Married, taken, dating? A guide for fulfilling your summer fling fantasies.

There have been many things I've always wanted but never had. Money. Jason Bateman's hair. A French girlfriend. A neighbor who grows pot. Skill with a ninja throwing star.

I'd trade all of that, however, for a genuine summer romance. A real one—not a regular relationship that happens to begin in summer. A sweaty blur of sex on warm-weather materials (inflatable raft rubber, grass, slip-n-slide, baseball field dirt, etc), a fling that involves crisp white wine, sun-burnt shoulders, and the weird pride that comes with getting sand your orifices. Lemondrop: How To Have Sex On The Beach

Here's the thing, though! The type of summer romance I'm talking about is actually pretty easy to have, with a little coconut-scented elbow grease. And before you marrieds and coupled-offs think I'm once again giving you the shaft, what I'm about to propose includes you as well. If you're willing to get creative and get a little bit uninhibited, this ride has seats for you and your wedding vows. Lemondrop: How To Battle Bedroom Boredom In A Relationship

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Written by [Redacted] Guy for Lemondrop.


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