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So I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years and we are getting married this Christmas. 
He's loving and caring and funny. i admit he has his faults as do all men  (naturally) but one thing i don't get is he NEVER goes down on me. I'm a Scorpio and as such i probably enjoy sex more than the average gal and I've  had my fair ( probably more than fair) share of lovers so I've experienced great sex. My boyfriend is an average lover but we still working on that, thing is, i love to have mouths on me down there but the one time i asked him for it all i got was a " soon baby, soon"

   I'm not dirty and i have it on more than one authority ( probably getting to 12) that my vag is sweet and tasty, i'm always clean shaved as he likes and i give him great Blow jobs so what gives?

Is it that some men are just not into it or there's more meaning to this?


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