Should Men Dress In A Sexually Provocative Way?


sexy man
Women are earning more money, so maybe it's time to reverse roles and have men bring sexy back.

If women can flaunt cleavage and bare their tight bellies, why can't a guy walk around like a Chippendale's champ? In fact, in a world where Jean-Paul Gaultier can be lauded for his breast-fetishizing cone bra, why not let Ms. Mastache return the favor via her penis pants? Two can play the sexual showoff game.

Even current economic news supports this development. According to a Pew Research Center study released in January, the number of men who are married to women who earn more money than they do has quintupled. So if women are getting to be the top dogs at work, maybe men should dress accordingly, showing up in the sexy-with-a-purpose attire that generations of women have mastered. Mastache seems like just the designer to give the guys a line of office-ready, pec-revealing shirts and ab-friendly crop tops (so much fun to watch them reach for the top shelves....).


Of course, if men wear crop tops, they'll have to worry about their muffin tops. Being a sexual showoff isn't so easy, is it?

Susan Toepfer blogs at The Bumpy Ride.

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