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7 Sex Positions Men Love


The bedroom moves that men love: try these sex positions tonight.

6. Spooning: Sex while spooning is the ultimate intimate position, and a go-to for when you're feeling lazy and affectionate. Not only does it give him total access to your bod, it also frees your digits up so that you can give yourself a hand, a move that's sure to drive him wild. Make it even hotter by twisting your body and head slightly towards him so you can smooch while his hands roam. Afterward you can slip into an easy, snuggley sleep. 5 Things Men (Really) Think About Sex

7. The Lap Dance: Pull up a chair and have him take a seat while you get on top. He'll love the look and feel of you straddling him, and having you in control will help him last longer, too. A bonus? Unlike the standard woman-on-top position, this ones allows for you to stay super close, kiss, and make eye contact. Plus, he still gets to be aggressive with his hands, tugging on your hair, rubbing your back, and pulling you closer.

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What positions do your guys love?


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