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Are you the one???


This is me looking for you !!!

Life is too short to not enjoy everyday and if you have someone  that is with you because they want to be and not because they have to is even better...
I'm still looking for that man...
I am not one of those desperate women afraid to live alone...I do live alone now and at first it was scarey but not until the "right one for me" happens along in my life I will stay just the way I am..single!!
I have learned to enjoy the simpler things in life and stop to smell the flowers...not take for granted all the glorious beauty that surrounds me....although there are the occassional weeds...
So if you're a man who truly wants to be with me I can promise  a few things...loyalty, laughter,all the love I have to give and a walk into the sunset hand in hand.
Are  YOU that man???


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