Women, Wear Sexy Underwear… Or Don't


man enjoying woman's thong
When it comes to lingerie, who do you dress for?

But should you (we, America, Earth) really need sexy underpants? If my logic holds up, ladies wear fancy panties because they feel sexy and want gents to find them sexy, and the guys like fancy drawers because they've been told that it makes women feel sexy and it seems like some effort has been put into the whole thing. It's one of those Catch-22, chicken-and-egg, Prisoner's Dilemna or Sophie's Choice scenarios. Until we're ready to have the conversation about who's actually in favor of these fun-dergarments, dudes or chicks, we'll keep the clothing industry in the money and anxiously await their newest innovation. I hope it somehow involves Bluetooth or Twitter.

*Note: We also appreciate auditory, tactile and olfactory stimulus. Frankly, any sensual encouragement, even psychic, can result in a boner.