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pls i need your help!


am 28yrs, and my lover is will be 25 on the 20th of may, we are in the same schoool and am a class above him we meet in the school and i fall in love with him, he is this guy who dont know how to make calls he hardly call that is his kind of person, all the line of our friendship we are so close at school that he always want to be around me things where moving fine untill we had sex, and after the sex we only talk for 2 days on phone and after that he is no where to be found again and he eventualy show up from no where and apologzised for what happened that is not intensionaly that he only want to know how i feel about him and after that things where ok once again untill we had another sex and he did what he did at the first time, he rufese picking my calls and i dont even know his house so i had to call his friends and they told me that is just the kind of person he is that they has spoken to him as well but it will end up fighting themselfs. he never introduce me to his friends i meet two of his friends on my own and we became friends and at the end of it all he will apolozgise he is sorry, pls i need ur help and advice am truely in love with this guy.


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