The Best Of The Web: Mom's Day & Ugly People


mother's day
Stay-at-home moms, bad sex songs and text message gaffs.

The Frisky has a take on Courtney Love's comments about ugly people's mad between-the-sheets skillz. What a Catch-22, fugles are better in the bed but looking at them makes your you-know-what less ready to do you-know-what. Read: Would You Join Ugly People Dating Site For $5000?

My pal Lost Plum wants to talks about bribing a partner for sex... the old quid pro quo. Yep, it's all a zero-sum game, you scratch my crotch, I'll buy your watch.


As we gird up for Father's Day, Asylum has a terrible gift for dad: a wallet with a specific section for condoms. For me, it would be a place for wet wipes and pogs.

Finally, MomLogic has a phenomenal idea for a Mother's Day gift: hotel room sex. It's good for what ails ya.

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