The Best Of The Web: Mom's Day & Ugly People


mother's day
Stay-at-home moms, bad sex songs and text message gaffs.

We are t-minus one and a half days from Mother's Day and we're hoping that you have a good one. Until then, the best the web has to offer on love… and sex… and relationships.

In honor of your mama, YourTango breaks down 9 ways to celebrate the holiday: Read: 9 Fabulous Mother's Day Ideas


Our new besties ever at Glo have an ode to the stay-at-home mom. In an informal poll, the stay-at-home mom was more popular than the stay-at-the-bar mom by a 4-to-1 margin. We probably shouldn't have asked Chelsea Handler. Read: Gender Roles Reversed: Stay-At-Home Husband

The gift that keeeps giving: a leaked sex tape. Our homies at COEDMagazine have a must-read for anyone looking to make a sex tape and not get caught. I'd advise not hiring a film crew.

And enough of Mother's Day, they've had their moment in the sun. Our new dude buds at have 7 ways to break up via social media. Please use irresponsibly. Read: Top 10 Facebook Etiquette Rules

The inimitable Em & Lo ( have 10 jams about bad sex. Big ups for including Andy Samberg's anthem about premature ejaculation. Yep, it hurts so good.

Amanda Ernst, blogging for the Huffington Post, teaches a lesson on how to recover from text message gaffs, faux pas and oopsie-daisies. Glad she did, I would have suggested getting a new phone number/ never leave the house and bottle your own tinkle. Read: New Relationship Rules: Texting & IMing

The crew at Lemondrop, has noticed a that ladies under 30 are not quite as libidinous as Lady GaGa videos would lead us to believe. Dr. Debby Herbenick drops knowledge on why. Fluoride in the water, theory?

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