Kendra Has A Sex Tape, But Is She A Victim?


Kendra Wilkinson sex tape
All the details on the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape.

But having combed through the coverage — and the ensuing reader comments — throughout the Web, we are left feeling uneasy and disheartened. Because the central issue here is indeed a legal one: Did Vivid Entertainment obtain the tapes legally, and do they have a right to profit from them? But much of the coverage and the message boards dwell on Kendra's perceived "right" to merely wish that a sex tape of herself is not released. And here is where we become concerned — because posing in Playboy does not in and of itself mean that others have the right to sell and profit from a sex tape that you've made. Dressing provocatively, prancing around the Playboy mansion in your underwear, dating Hugh Heffner (while he's dating a pair of busty twins), appearing on multiple "reality" TV shows in which your primary character attribute is your sex appeal — none of these things add up to implicit authorization for a company to profit from sex tape you've made.

Come on, ladies! Enough with the shaming! However this story plays out, can we agree to quell our Hater instincts and let Ms. Wilkinson — 24-year-old Ms. Wilkinson — exercise her legal rights without making her "morals" the central issue?

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